Houston Hotels – Where to stay and how to get around
Houston Hotels - Where to stay and how to get around...

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Houston Hotels

Over 400 options to choose from in this metro does does not make finding a hotel simple. We make it easier by linking you directly to the most visited areas. You also get insites to good to excellent properties that mish otherwise get over looked.

Some frequent travelors might opt to explore accomodations not tried before. Some lesser know locations may offer better experiences and even more of an opportunity to experience parts of the city not served by larger hotels.

Getting Around

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Visitors to southeastern Texas are often unprepared and don’t know about the many things to see and do in the area. Here we will offer you hints on things that you may be interested in. All are here in the Houston and surrounding area (within a two hour drive):

Downtown- (F) Underground, (F) Discover Green, Theater District, (F) 75th Floor Overlook in Chase Tower, (F) Movie about Houston Visitor’s Center in City Hall
Museum District/Hermann Park/Texas Medical Center

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